We have taken great care in putting together Photography and Video Packages that are included in the ceremony packages.

If you want to hire "a la carte" wedding photography, please contact us for more details.

Please inquire for details. WhatsApp: +506.88699887

Beach Wedding Photography

Normal Delivery: Wetransfer or Dropbox link to download the photos 10-15 days after the shoot.

*Important information about aerial photography and aerial video: Aerial photography is only available with the deluxe package and in "a la carte" services. There are different factors that could affect aerial photography. The wind, rain, or other factors can make that day we can not offer the realization of aerial photography and video. In that case, the ceremony would be carried out the same, but without this aerial service.

During the session we usually shoot some additional photographs. Please, let us know if you want to buy more photographs than your package includes.