Symbolic and Real Weddings in Costa Rica: Our experience performing weddings on the beach has led us know wich services are required, and we offer you what adapts to the needs of the couple who make their weddings in the Caribbean of Costa Rica.

We are wedding planners in Costa Rica, and we also perform symbolic ceremonies and renewal of wedding vows on the beach.


We are specialized offering Symbolic and Real Wedding Ceremonies on the beach. Lawyer is available if you want a real wedding.

We organize weddings on the beaches of Puerto Viejo, Punta Uva, Cocles, and Cahuita.

Packages include:

  • Phone Meeting (WhatsApp or Skype)
  • Schedule Planner
  • Location Selection
  • Lectern
  • Discourse (English, Spanish or French) - optional
  • Music
  • Orchids Flowers Bouquet ($45 to $75 USD)
  • 2 Drinks
  • 2 Chairs


Please inquire for details. Phone: +506.88699887

Organization of your Symbolic or Real Wedding Ceremony on the Beach

Your wedding ceremony just may be the most important part of your entire wedding plan. Location is an important part of your plan, and sets the stage of how the ceremony will flow.

Our packages include:

Location Selection

We choose the best location for your photo session and prepared the best location for the couple so that the photographs are as beautiful as possible.

Speaker (optional)

We offer different speakers who can perform the ceremony in 3 languages (English, French and Spanish). We offer you a 10 minute discourse.

Discourse (optional)

The Opening Words and Introduction of the wedding ceremony sets the tone for the wedding. It’s a statement about the occasion, its importance, the significance to the world as well as the couple getting married.


It is going to be apart of the wedding and it should be the most intimate part of your entire ceremony. At this time your officiant explains the significance of the couples vows followed by the bride and groom affirming their commitment to each other. Did you know that you could write your own vows? Writing your own vows gives you a chance to really personalize your ceremony.


Beautiful lectern made of wood by local craftsman so that the speech can place his sketch and the couple can sign the documents.


We communicate by phone (WhatsApp or Skype) briefly with the couple to confirm the details of the event.

Schedule Planner

We suggest the most appropriate times so that the photographs have the appropriate lighting depending on the time of year and the chosen place.

Printed certificate indicating: date, names, location, signatures, etc.

Music is almost always part of the beginning of all wedding ceremonies. We offer music of your choice for before the ceremony. You can request the music of your choice or select the music we already selected.

Flowers Bouquet

Bouquets of natural orchids available from $ 45 USD (6 stems) or $ 75 (12 stems). Synthetic flower bouquets available for free.

Champagne Cups

Glasses for photographs "simulating Champagne" for your photos celebrating.


We offer a cold soda to cool off in the middle of the session (included in the price).


We carry 2 chairs so you can sit down to rest during the session if you wish at some time.

Lawyer (optional)

The option of hiring a lawyer for the ceremony is offered if you want a real Wedding in Costa Rica.

Makeup (optional)

Makeup not included. We offer professional makeup for an additional $ 110 USD.

Beach Weddings Ceremony Packages



taxes included
  • Organization of the Ceremony
    (The lawyer or the Speaker will do the discourse)
Boda en una Playa del Caribe

Wedding Ceremony

Ceremony & Arch


taxes included
  • Organization of the Ceremony
  • 2 column arch
  • Arch Decoration
    (The lawyer or the Speaker will do the discourse)
Arch with 2 Columns

Arch with 2 Columns

If your wedding is symbolic (without a lawyer) and you want to hire a speaker to offer a 10 minute speech (in English, French or Spanish) we offer this service for $ 150 USD.


Get a Flower Bouquet and a "Boutonniere" for the groom FOR FREE when you book your "Ceremony & 4 column Arch" Package together with the DELUXE Photography Package.

You can also order a flower crown for the bride for an additional price. Also you can also order orchids for an additional price.

Wedding Bouquet and Boutonniere


For U.S. Citizens, Canada & Europe: The costs of the lawyer to carry out your wedding, and the paperwork necessary for your wedding to be legally recognized in your country, will cost approximately between $ 535 and $ 655 US dollars. This price includes the civil wedding, the government fees and the costs of sending the documentation to your country. The cost could vary depending on each client and the documentation they need.

* Attorney fees must be confirmed on the desired date, as they may vary from client to client.

If you want to make your wedding in Costa Rica, contact us to know the requirements and costs of a real wedding in Costa Rica ...

It is simpler than it seems.

COSTA RICANS (nationals and residents): Any of the above packages can be requested for your real wedding. The cost of the lawyer for the real wedding cost around 185,300 ₡. Attorney fees must be added to the cost of the ceremony packages.

* Attorney fees must be confirmed by the desired date, as they may vary from client to client.